Making (Drupal) documentation modular, reusable and open source, how Darwin can help our angels

Kristof Van Tomme
kongresszusi terem

Drupal is modular, reusable and open source, but that's not the case for it's documentation. The documentation in code falls under the GPL license and we have a few angels that contribute to our community documentation but on the documentation that we make for our users and customers we are failing to collaborate.

In this presentation I'll explain how we could turn documentation for open source projects into modular, reusable units on which we can collaborate. I'll explain what single sourcing is and how we could use it to make different types of documentation (e.g. manuals, help, training materials, training curricula, etc.) for different types of audiences from a single set of documents.

I'll give an introduction to DITA (Darwin Information Type Architecture), an Oasis XML standard started at IBM and how it's used in industries with modular products to publish documentation in a range of formats in minutes in stead of days while saving up to 60% of translation costs.

I'll also give a demonstration of the DITA Drupal module and explain how we want to make Drupal a platform for community authored DITA documentation that does not require knowledge about DITA from it's contributors.